• Supporting our communities

    Home Credit is a socially responsible company with a keen regard for the welfare of its communities. Though financial literacy is our core social initiative, we are also actively involved in charitable giving that can make a real, measurable and long-term difference.

    Our charitable causes and donations



    “Blue Bird” Project - tuition for students from disadvantaged backgrounds

    Support for local orphanages

    Czech Republic and Slovakia

    The “Summer Shakespeare Festival”, a top annual theatre festival

    Supporting giving activities run by employees

    Providing children’s departments in hospitals with medical equipment


    “Smart Start” Project - training and work opportunities for graduates


    Disaster relief contributions and loan forgiveness for affected customers following earthquakes


    Tuition for students from disadvantaged backgrounds; support for kindergartens to protect small children from abuses that have been committed by private babysitters; health programmes for people who work in wet markets


    Disaster relief contributions and loan forgiveness for affected customers following floods

    Home Credit’s educational support programs in particular are one of our proudest achievements, and have helped many students reach their full potential.


    In Russia, Home Credit launched a university scholarship programme called Sinaya Ptitsa (The Blue Bird) for talented children from disadvantaged families. The project was piloted in the cities of Murmansk, Kaluga and Sverdlovsk, and has since been introduced in 12 regions across Russia. Students not only receive funds to attend some of the most prestigious universities, but also get opportunities to intern at local Home Credit branches, attend personal development courses and receive helpful gifts, such as books, to assist them in their careers. The winners of the scholarships receive financial support for the duration of their studies if they maintain good grades. From 2009 to 2013 Home Credit Russia spent 20 million roubles on the project, with a total number of 83 participants.


    Home Credit Vietnam sponsors a scholarship programme called “My classmate overcomes difficulties in life” in cooperation with the Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre. The programme started in 2010 and supports students in secondary and high school education who need financial help. Throughout 2010 and 2011, 380 students received funding, with a total budget of 3.8 billion Vietnamese dong. In 2013, 250 scholarships were awarded, of 4 million Vietnamese dong each, to students whose parents needed help in making ends meet.

    While the rationale behind our efforts is the same internationally, Home Credit always seeks to select causes that are dear to the specific communities where we are active.

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